Monday, 9 May 2011

Do something amazing!

Hello my beautiful ladies!

The Print Ad titled SUPERHEROES I &  SUPERHEROES II  was done by Dpz Propaganda advertising agency for product: Blood Donation (brand: Fundacao Pro-sangue) in Brazil. They were released in the June 1998.

Today after work I went to donate my blood

I was really nervous although it was my 5th time! The reason for it was pretty good as 2 out of 4 times I was feeling faint - and let me tell you - this is not a nice feeling! It starts with feeling dizzy and a little bit sick with waves of hotness, next you cannot hear much and then it starts to get dark... after that - problems with breathing, heavy and painful chest and disorientation... It is not fun... 

But you know what I still embraced myself, and tried my best to prepare my body (not so easy with the mind bit though) for tonight. I've eaten a LOT of food (and I mean a lot!) and drank soo much water -->  all this to make sure that I am fully hydrated and I have high sugar levels so I will feel better this time (mmm...raspberry and white chocolate muffin :)). 
And I was just fine :) The nurses were amazing and they have taken a good care of me ... to the point that when I've left I felt teary thinking how compassionate and helpful they were.

Will I go again? Of course I will. Even if that means that I will feel faint again. It all does not matter because as soon as you lie down on the bed - you know you are doing an amazing thing and you are proud of it. Your blood can be used in labs, in research or teaching... but most of it will go to a real person, just like you and I. Someone that was unfortunate and needs this tiny bit of you to feel better or maybe even to live. You can save someones life...

I am also registered as a bone marrow donor and I hope one day I will be able to help someone. A long while ago after watching 'Seven Pounds' me and my fiance registered ourselves as an organ donors too. 

Why am I doing this? Because I know people who were/are very ill or had an accident and they all would not survive without a transfusion. If that would happened to me I would like to think, that there is someone out there who can do the same for me.

Do something amazing - Give Blood!

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