Thursday, 31 March 2011

A little bit of fun :)

Hello lovely ladies!

Browsing through all those beauty blogs, with beautiful photos of perfect make up, hair and nails sometimes it's hard to believe that you girls are not the art students or make-up artists but just normal girls like me :) day I watched this video of amazing leopard print nails and I was hooked! I wanted those nails!!! Simple you might think? ... well... the only problem is... to save my life I would never be able to do my nails nor my hair... That's the truth - I have two left hands! :( That is it I thought, I will never be able to do that! And then I have found the solution --> Nails stamping art by Konad! :) It is absolutely amazing! Now I am able to have the pretty nails I was dreaming about! I bought a start kit which consist of 2 small special 'stamping' polishes in white and black, 1 image plate, 1 stamper, 1 scraper and 1 bottle of clear top coat. I also bought separately an image plate with my beloved leopard print :) Ok I have to say I am not that good yet and you can see the imperfections on the photos but I don't care - I love it! Few more times and I'll be a pro in stamping my nails ;) Anyway, if I can do it - honestly - anyone can :D

Did any of you beautiful ladies tried the Konad products yet? I cannot wait to buy some more image plates to play with! :D

PS. It's good to be back :)

Your M.

Saying 'SORRY'

I am sorry I can never find few minutes to create a post...even if it is the weekend and I am spending ALL day at home doing absolutely nothing...
I am sorry for not having just those few little seconds to post a photo of my new purchase/FOTD/NOTD etc...even that I have already taken the photos...
I am sorry for being such a rubbish blogger and not posting for months...even that I am on the blogger every day...checking your post lovely ladies...

I am ever so sorry and I hope I will never have to apologise to you beautiful ladies ever again...even if:
  • I will have a really bad day at work 
  • I will be too tired after gym session
  • I will be too grumpy
  • I am starvatious! (yup, that is a word for me being hungry!!! ;))
  • I am too sleepy post. I shall post at least once a week! :)

Your M.