Thursday, 31 March 2011

Saying 'SORRY'

I am sorry I can never find few minutes to create a post...even if it is the weekend and I am spending ALL day at home doing absolutely nothing...
I am sorry for not having just those few little seconds to post a photo of my new purchase/FOTD/NOTD etc...even that I have already taken the photos...
I am sorry for being such a rubbish blogger and not posting for months...even that I am on the blogger every day...checking your post lovely ladies...

I am ever so sorry and I hope I will never have to apologise to you beautiful ladies ever again...even if:
  • I will have a really bad day at work 
  • I will be too tired after gym session
  • I will be too grumpy
  • I am starvatious! (yup, that is a word for me being hungry!!! ;))
  • I am too sleepy post. I shall post at least once a week! :)

Your M.

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