Saturday, 8 January 2011

Christmas and New Year

Hello my lovely ladies!

I know I did not post anything for ages... I am such a lazy bum! I was also a little bit annoyed when most of the photos that I posted on my blog suddenly disappeared... :( I cannot upload some of them again as they were on my phone and I deleted them after posting... 

Anyways, how was your Christmas? Mine was pretty quiet. Christmas Eve my fiancé and I spent at home eating Barszcz (Beetroot Soup) with little tortellini stuffed with meat - Yum! And packing presents for Daniel's family.

On Christmas Day we went to Daniel's dad's house. It was a great family day with lots of food, wine and games :) But I missed my family really bad... I spoke to my mum, dad and brother the night before wishing them a Happy Christmas and I had a little tear... I always cope extremely well with being so far away from my folks as I can talk and see them (Skype) anytime I want/need to but Christmas time hit me real hard. I promised my mum that next year we will be together :)
Ok, now a happy bit - presents! :) I'm such a lucky girl!
My lovely Daniel bought me a beautiful Swarovski necklace with locket pedant (as he wants me to have his photo inside so he'll be always close to my heart :) ).

He also bought me a perfume that I wanted for a long time – Chloé in a gift pack with body lotion.

Plus some Body Shop goodies :)
And a ‘sharing’ presents for us:
And voucher for 5 boxes from Graze (Did not order anything as yet, but will soon and will write a lil post about the experience :)).

Cannot believe Christmas is already over! To the next year! :)

Hope you have all enjoyed your New Years Eve parties! I spent mine with my fiancé and friends in a village hall near Exeter. It was a good night although I will never look at the onion bhaji the same way ever again :D  Will add photos when my friend finally sends them to me :)

But for now I would like to wish a very Happy New Year to all of you gorgeous ladies!

Happy New Year!