Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Urban Decay - 'The Black Palette' swatches

Hi lovely ladies!
I am really sorry for lack of new posts...Think my injury and not being able to go to the gym or out with friends for some wine tasting ;) made me a bit grumpy recently... So what can one do? Shopping :D Since I saw few UD Naked Palette reviews I knew it have to be mine! I mean all colours are just absolutely amazing and for the first time ever I would use every single shade from the palette. So with painful and swollen cankles I went for a hunt. To my suprise there was no UD in Dingles nor in Boots...and when I thought I will never find it - there it was. Waiting to cherish my eyes with superb colours... that is until I saw the Black Palette. Honestly - shopping for me is a real pain (and everyone else that comes with me :D) - I'm so indecisive! After half an hour I FINALLY picked the Black Palette. Having many bronze eye shadows thought it will be better to get something specially for 'going out' make up. So far I only used the black 'Zero' eye pencil which I have to say is great. I wear contact lenses and my eyes are really sensitive + bit 'watery' and it's really hard for me to find a good pencil to use in waterline. Until now I could only use Gosh waterproof pencil but now I think 'Zero' might be the one for me. Although there was a little bit of 'stinging' - it quickly disappeared and the colour was still in the waterline when I was taking my make up off late that evening. After success with the pencil I cannot wait to use the eyeshadows! :) Will let you know as soon as I will. For now - please see few photos. I do apologise - it's my 'first time' and quality is not the best. Hopefully I will learn as time goes by :)

P.S. I'm still getting the 'Naked Palette' I need it! ;)