Saturday, 28 August 2010

Achilles Tendonitis

Hi all 

Couple of weeks ago I decided I had enough of being a 'couch potato'. To make myself feel and look good I joined a gym with my friend. Ordinary gym is not for me - I am getting bored way to quickly! So we started attending workout classes. Just after first one I knew that this is it! I was surprised how much I loved sweating, achy muscles and this amazing, happy feeling after the workout. I stopped thinking about all beloved soaps that I was missing and instead I started to think and talk about getting fit (mostly to my poor fiancé ;)).
I was working out 3 times a week and I wanted to do more and more and I even got myself a good sports bra. All was great...until last Monday that is, when I injured myself. I went to check out this class - Les Mills 'Body Attack'. It was very hard but enjoyable! Unfortunately because of lack of fitness knowledge I was wearing the wrong shoes which did not support my feet at all. I know, most of you will think - 'What an idiot!' but I really did not think/know that I will need a good pair of shoes to protect my muscles and tendons... And to make things even worse I thought it's just muscle ache and next day I went to 'Body Combat' class and a run afterwards...well it was mostly walk as my ankles were soo painful. I didn't think much about it and I was planning which class I will attend next day.
Next day...When I woke up I literally could not walk - every step was soo painful! I went to work. The pain was getting worse and my feet ... well there were no ankles anymore - I had big, puffy cankles! My friend dropped me to the Walking Centre to have it checked and the nurse told me that I have an 'Achilles Tendonitis' a little tear in my tendons which is causing an inflammation of the Achilles tendon - 'an overuse injury - too much exercise too soon with wrong footwear and weak muscles that can last up to two weeks' I heard... I was told to use painkillers + anti-inflammatory gel or tablets and give my feet a rest. 
Bank holiday - long weekend and I am sitting at home. I injured myself on Monday and although it's Saturday - I am still in pain. But I have to say that it is less painful now. I am hoping I will be able to go out to see my girlies tomorrow and hopefully go back to the gym on Thursday...
And who said that working out is good for you? :)

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